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There are many different styles of small ship cruises to choose from, each offering a completely contrasting experience from the next. Discover all types of small ship cruises here.

Small Ship Cruise Types

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Small Ship CruisingSmall Ship Cruises

Discover the cruises designed to help you explore your world. The beaten path is where mega-liners dock and most tourists gather. The beaten path offers a window on new worlds, when what you really want is an open door. Small ship cruising helps you take the routes less travelled, so you discover more...

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Tall Ship CruisingTall Ship Cruises

Discover tall ship cruising and discover cruising as it used to be, real sailing, with real sails – without compromising any modern comforts! When cruising was in its infancy, its ships were not mega liners the size of a city. They were small ships where you sailed beneath canvas. Where to be on deck was to feel the timber beneath your feet and hear the waves at the bow. Where your fellow crew members numbered in their dozens, not their thousands. Discover tall ship cruising and you discover cruising as it used to be – without compromising any modern comforts...

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Mega Yacht CruisingMega Yacht Cruises

Explore the hidden gems larger ships can't reach. Savour the attention to detail that makes every moment a delight. Bask in the exclusivity of mega yacht sailing. It feels like your own private yacht – and with only dozens, rather than hundreds or even thousands on board – it very nearly is. This is the world of mega yacht sailing – where describing the experience as 'luxury' is a gross understatement, and where your every need seems almost telepathically met...

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Six Star Luxury CruisingSix Star Cruises

More space. More activities. 'Big ship' comfort and amenities in the relaxed intimacy of a small ship experience. And above all, a level of quality you'd be hard pressed to better on land, let alone at sea. Discover the world of six star cruises where, from dining to travelling to relaxing, every element is a cut above. 'Luxury' is an overused phrase. When everything from a floating city to a clipper boasts extreme levels of luxury, how do you find the cruise where standards really are exceptional? At Small Ship Cruise Experts, you'll find mega yachts and tall ships which are, by any standards, luxurious. So it takes something particularly special to be worth of our six star accolade...

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Gulet CruisingGulet Cruises

Take a traditional approach to small ship cruising on a Gulet cruise. It's only when you set off to explore them that you realise just how many islands Turkey and Croatia boast between them. Even if you discount the smaller, craggier outcrops, there's still a huge number of captivating destinations, each with its own distinct feel and personality; each just begging to be explored. And there's no better way to explore them than on a gulet...

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