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Tall Ship Cruises

Discover tall ship cruising and discover cruising as it used to be, real sailing, with real sails – without compromising any modern comforts!

Tall Ships – real sailing with real sails

When cruising was in its infancy, its ships were not mega liners the size of a city. They were small ships where you sailed beneath canvas. Where to be on deck was to feel the timber beneath your feet and hear the waves at the bow. Where your fellow crew members numbered in their dozens, not their thousands. Discover tall ship cruising and you discover cruising as it used to be – without compromising any modern comforts.

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Tall ship cruising

Nostalgia is all very well, but we'd draw the line at sacrificing a great night's sleep or an inviting pool. Happily tall ship cruising with Small Ship Cruise Experts provides the perfect balance of nautical adventure and indulgent pampering.


On the one hand is a thrillingly authentic feeling of stepping back in time. Vintage touches bring the heritage of these beautiful clippers to life – and the incomparable feeling of sailing beneath sails guarantees a cruising experience like no other.


Yet you'll find more than the occasional concession to modern comfort. Your stateroom may have its own private veranda, or open out onto deck. You'll enjoy exceptional cuisine, numerous swimming pools and attentive service from a crew which makes it its mission to deliver your favourite drink almost before you realise you want it.

The tall ship cruising experience

The modern amenities and comfort levels may be as you'd expect on the grandest cruise ship, but it's the intimacy and character of tall ship cruising that sets it apart.


Because you're sailing with 150-200 fellow guests, as opposed to 2,000 you enjoy a more personal experience. Tall ship cruising is where travellers meet and chat (and frequently become lifelong friends). It's a private yacht feel without the private yacht price tag – a place where adventure and experiences are eagerly shared. And yet there remains space for quiet reflection and solitude – in the comfort of your stateroom or on deck.

Your tall ship accommodation

There's nautical history all around you, kept in careful balance with modern amenities and stylish comfort. Each spacious en-suite stateroom is beautifully finished and features a TV, DVD player, hair dryer, phone and safe.


Communal areas include multiple swimming pools, library, bar areas and the simple pleasures of the observation deck, where you can read in peace, or sip a drink whilst watching the ocean slip past.

Your tall ship destinations

Choose tall ship cruising and it's not only your on-board life that is transformed. Because the ship is far smaller than your average cruise ship, there are far more ports available for exploration.


So whether you plan to sail the Caribbean, the Panama Canal or the Mediterranean, you'll enjoy more adventure in some less tourist-heavy destinations with a tall ship cruise.

Tall ship cruising with Small Ship Cruise Experts

You don't have to be a sailing enthusiast or experienced yachtsman to fall in love with the tall ship cruising lifestyle. If the idea of adventure on the high seas sparks even the mildest excitement, then cruising into port beneath sail and mast with every home-comfort to hand makes for a thrillingly memorable experience.


Let us help you find the perfect destination – and the perfect tall ship – for your next cruise adventure.


Call us on 0800 810 8482 or use our mobile-friendly number: 01253 340 912 and discover why, time and again, people recommend Small Ship Cruise Experts.

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Star ClippersStar Clippers

The gentle lapping of waves against a wind driven hull. A pod of dolphins playing in the curling bow wave. A salute to a propitious marriage, the wedding of a splendid cruise holiday with the romance of sailing aboard a true tall ship. It is the unique combination of sailing tradition and pampered relaxation that is the essence of Star Clippers. For within the setting of a magnificently evocative Tall ship is a world for those who seek an authentic sailing adventure without sacrificing creature comforts...

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